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Dimensions of quality - Productivity

Dimensions of quality

The definition of quality is often the topic is hotly debated. While it may seem intuitive, when we go in there, "quality" is a concept that is difficult to determine with precision the other.

The most basic Definition of quality product is one that meets the customer's expectations. Although sometimes this definition is too high for the level considered adequate.

In order to develop a more complete definition of quality, we must consider some of the key dimensions of quality of products or services.


Whether the product or service does what it is supposed to do, within the specified tolerance company?

The performance is often a source of contention between customers and suppliers, especially when the shipment is not quite defined in the specification.

The performance of the products often affect profits or reputation of the end-users. Thus, many contracts or specifications become damage associated with adequate performance.


Whether the product or service has all the features of a specific, or necessary for a specific purpose?
Although this dimension may seem obvious, rarely determine performance specifications of the features required in a product. Thus, it is important that suppliers to design a product or service from an intimate performance specifications with the use intended, and maintains close links with the end user.


Will be consistent in doing product specifications?

Ability may be closely related to performance. For example, the product specification can define parameters for up-time, or the level of failures that occur.

Reliability is a major contributor towards the brand or corporate image, and is regarded as a basic dimension of quality by users most recently.


Whether the product or service in accordance with the specifications?

If developed on the basis of performance specifications, would be able to do as prescribed? If developed on the basis of design specifications, whether it can have all the features that defined?


How long does the product perform or last, and under what conditions?

The durability is closely related to the warranty. Requirements for the durability of products is often included in the procurement and contract specifications.

For example, the procurement of fighter aircraft to operate from aircraft carriers, including the design criteria aimed to increase their durability in marine environment.


Whether the product is relatively easy to maintain and repair?

As end users are becoming more focused on the Total costs of the owner at the cost of the procurement was simple, serviceability (trustworthy) became an increasingly important dimension of quality and criteria in the selection of products.


The way a product looks is important to users. The nature of aesthetic products contribute to corporate or brand identity. Errors or defects in the products that reduce its aesthetic properties, even those who do not reduce or change other dimensions of quality, often becomes the reason for rejection.


Perception is reality. Products or services may have sufficient dimensions or even superior quality, but still fell victim to negative customers or public perception.

For example, high-quality products may get a reputation for low quality based on a poor service by the installation technician or field. If the product is not installed or maintained, and fails as a result, failure is often associated with the quality of the product, not the quality of the service received.


It is clear from the discussion above that individual quality dimensions are not necessarily different. Depending on the industry, the situation, and the type of contract or some other specification or all of the above dimensions are mutually dependent.

When designing, developing or manufacturing a product (or give the service a) interaction between quality dimensions must be understood and taken into account.

Although this dimension not possible is a full list of relevant dimensions, taking them into consideration should give us a better understanding of the concept of slippery quality. What other dimension you can think of?

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