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What are services? - Definition & meaning

What are services

Service may be defined as an act which granted a person to others that are useful and have value in meeting the requirements for a given service. So the service more moral person is shown through the action of his deeds.

The service is the Act of good or useful and high-value for others, countries and agencies.

This sense is more directed at a deed did does that attitude and behavior of the deed or the shape of the resulting work someone where he worked and had perceived value and very useful.

The opinions of the experts also generally provide the sense of service as an activity that one party offered helpful to others with the intent to meet the need for the party to offer.

Definition of services

Simple we can quote that the service is any activity or benefits offered by one party on the other side and basically not intangible and do not produce ownership of something, the production process may be and probably are also not associated with a physical product.

The defines the service into the science of marketing, so it appears that the service is a value that can agreed upon someone to others who need such services, so that the service may take the form of goods may also not. But in principle it is not tangible, as elements of a readiness and willingness are the most dominant.

Simply we can define it in:

The action of helping or doing work for someone, a system supplying a public need such as transport, communications, or utilities.
The service is an activity that can be identified individually are in fact not palpated (Intangible) which is the fulfillment of the requirement and no should be tied to the sale of other products or services and to generate the service may need or may also not needed real objects, but though the use of objects, but there is no existence of a transfer of ownership rights over the objects.

From the definition of services associated with the above marketing science, then it can be concluded, that the service has the traits, namely:

  • Not palpable or intangible. This is because the service cannot be seen, touched or kissed and the party receiving such services cannot take a sample before any purchase transaction
  • Is inseparable. The service here is defined as something that is inseparable from the personal sales and services specific to be used at the same time runs out.
  • Quickly lost. Fast service is missing and could not be saved, because the market changed a service change according to the season, according to the day of the week or hours of the day today.

What actually mean of services?

The term of service is often followed by the word service, since the service of more operational feedback in the form of income, while in the service is the Act or performance of the service.
The Ministry said already includes elements or people and procedures, so that the service as a form of work that someone given to others in need of service, means there is also an element of achievements or results are shown.

The job or achievements that were sacrificed or performed or undertaken to meet the demand of other people's needs or to meet existing demand.

An appears to be the existence of an act of a given activity of a person to other people caused the need, where the granting of such activities to contain economic value as something is sacrificed in the hope of the existence of feedback in the form of the value of money as income.

While the services connected with the Organization of the Government, service has some some form which are:
  • Public service (public service)
  • Services contain the values (public utility)
  • Services to maintain and enhance business growth the community.

Common services based on law – laws or regulations and inevitably to be implemented, such as Ministry ID CARD and certificate of land. Then the service that contains the value of togetherness among the community by providing services, such as drinking water services (clean water), where it is responsible within society through payment services while maintaining . and increase business growth community service usually provided the Government in the form of outreach, gathering and simultaneously provide relief.

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