Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Training - Definition, Purpose, Principles, Procedure & Assessment Program


A Training is the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior.

Education and training will increase knowledge and improve skills of employees can have a direct impact on productivity. This development may lead to growth in productivity over time. The exercises given to employees is a boost for employees to work harder. This is because employees who know the tasks and responsibilities well, will try to achieve a higher level of education. Manager-good managers realize that exercise is a process that runs continuously and not just a momentary process.

1. The purpose of the training for employees

Exercise is not known what will be reached will not fektif and pointless. So then the purpose of each exercise should be explained, for the purpose of the exercise is the guideline in the preparation of educational programs in the implementation and supervision.

So the goal of employee development  is to improve the effectiveness of the work of employees in achieving the outcomes that have been set. The attitude of the employees towards the implementation of tasks, also noteworthy because also the development of attitudes must be cultivated in employee development.

Above we offend the purpose of exercise for employees in General. Whereas the purpose of the exercise especially for operational employees, are:
  1. Increase productivity
  2. Improve morale
  3. Reduce supervision
  4. The Reduce the likelihood of the occurrence of the accident
  5. Increase the stability and flexibility of the company organization

2. The principles of Exercise

Principles of practice as a guide in changing knowledge, skills and attitudes which can be used to carry out a number of principles that are charged, with the task, namely:
  • Motivation
  • Progress report
  • Reinforcement
  • Practice
  • Individual differences

3. Exercise Procedure

In order to exercise can be implemented as expected, then these exercises must be understood by the participants. Therefore, the necessary cooperation between the coach and the coached. Train at someone is not an easy job, even though it is not necessarily an expert can be a good coach.
To be a wise and good coaches need to know how to train someone:
  1. Preparation of trainers
  2. The Preparation of employees trained
  3. Perform a workout
  4. Ask employees to exercise practice
  5. Observe the actual employees after completion of training.

4. Assessment of training programs

To find out whether the procedures already implemented exercise program is good or not, then required the existence of a judgment against the exercise. 

The Factors can be assessed in this exercise is the level of production, where necessary in getting an overview in productivity before and after exercise, then conducted an assessment of whether it is true that an increase in productivity.

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