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Cost of goods manufactured

Cost of goods manufactured

The price is the size to be able to find out how large of a value of goods and services. Prices risen in determining whether a commercial practice will be successful, because the price is the value of an item which is expressed in units of money. In addition, price is used as a benchmark or a starting point for the determination of price is the price or other advice liaison between buyer and seller. This means that the price is determined by demand and supply will be a product of goods or services.


The cost of goods manufactured equation is calculated by adding the total manufacturing costs; including all direct materials, direct labor, and factory overhead; to the beginning work in process inventory and subtracting the ending goods in process inventory.
 A definition of price, i.e. the price is the amount of money or goods (plus some stuff if possible) that it takes to get some combination of products and service.

The company wants a higher price, but the people have know me the situation and price, manufacturers need to ensure the quality of production, so there is no other response from consumers or less satisfied.
Price as a standard of value for goods and services, so it is very important that price determined Just needs to be emphasized that for such an item would like to have someone pay with some money to collect the goods and is included services provided by the seller. Even the seller also expects profits from the price have been determined.


A limit on price, namely the price of goods and services is a recognized with an amount of money which is based on the value or company willing to release goods or service assets to others.

Price also shows the implementation of a purchase transaction that may occur, if the buyer and seller have jointly agreed on a certain level of prices of a product that is sold, and thus in terms of its marketing activities to implement this is inseparable from the self determination of the price of the product that will be offered.

Its activities in accordance with the object of research in terms of the calculation of cost of goods production, always paying attention to the various considerations such as price at another company, purchasing power, monitoring and control of prices by the Government and other considerations about the cost of its production.

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