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Dimensions Of Service Quality

Dimensions Of Service Quality

Refers to ISO 9000, quality defined as "the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfills requirements" (degree achieved by characteristics inherent in the meet the requirements). The requirement in this case is: "need or expectation that is stated, generally implied or obligatory" (i.e., need or expectation that is stated, generally implied or obligatory).

Based on interpret ISO 9000 quality, understanding the above is a combination of properties and characteristics that determine the extent to which the output can meet the requirements of the customers needs.

Quality is a dynamic condition related to products, services, people, processes and environments meet  hope.

Quality of service is the consumer assessment about reliability and superiority of the Ministry as a whole. Consumers will make a comparison between that they provide with what is obtainable.


The industry entered maturity stage (mature), service quality has contributions for companies that differentiate the company from its competitors. One way to distinguish a service company with its competitors is the service delivery of consistently high quality.

The key is to meet or exceed customer expectations of service quality targets. The consequences of the behavior of the service quality. The consequences of the behavior of the service quality is variable intervening between service quality and financial profit or loss of the repetition or leave.

Purchase behavior is seen as an indicator to signal consumers to remain or leave the company. The consequences of buying decisions are differentiated into the dichotomy of behavior favourable and unfavourable. The favourable behavior melipuri renders everything everything about the company are positive, recommending it to any other party, loyal to the company stepped (loyal), are willing to pay more for expensive and will issue more sacrifice for the sake of the company.

While unfavorable behavior include the relationship with the company or switch to another company (switching), reducing the number of scope shopping, told other parties over potential negative feelings or his discontent, and complains or deliver the complaint.

The dimensions of service quality

There are five dimensions of service quality, as follows:


It is the ability of a company to its existence in showing the external. The appearance and abilities of physical facilities and infrastructure reliable company circumstances surrounding environment is tangible evidence of the services provided by the giver of services. This includes the physical facilities (e.g., buildings, warehouses and other things), supplies and equipment used (technology) as well as his appearance).


Is the company's ability to provide service in accordance with the promised accurately and reliably. Performance should be in accordance with customer expectations which means timeliness, of the same service to all customers without errors, the sympathetic attitude and with high accuracy.


A policy to assist and provide fast service (responsive) and directly to the customer with the submission of the information is obvious. Let the negative perception of waiting for consumers in the quality of service.

Guarantee and assurance (assurance)

Is knowledge, politeness and the ability of the employees of companies to foster a sense of trust of our customers to the company. This includes a description, the other components of communication (communication), credibility (credibility), security (security), competence (competence) and courtesy (courtesy).

Empathy (empathy)

Meaning give sincere individual or personal in nature and provided to the customer by working to understand the desires of the consumer. Where a company is expected to have sufficient understanding and knowledge about the customers, understanding customer needs specifically, and have the time of the operation which is convenient for customers.

Quality of service built on the existence of two main factors of comparison, that is the perception of customers over a real service they received (the perceived service) with a real service expected (expected service).

If it is in fact more than expected then the service can be said to be qualified, and vice versa. In short, the quality of service can be defined as how far the distinction between reality and expectations of the customer service they receive.

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