Wednesday 10 February 2016

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is the problem of determining the way in which companies to try to sell its products to the market, whether to use a distributor X, Y, or another retailer. This is not a simple issue. For it management should seek to distinguish all the alternatives existing channels and using some of the methods of analysis to evaluate each alternative. In order to obtain a clearer picture, you can seen on the following cases.

On schema can be seen the presence of five different ways to market the new product in the following way:

  1. Using existing instruments (distribution strategy 1) - This strategy is done by companies using existing distribution channels in the marketing of its products. In this case, the company wanted to retain use of channeling.
  2. A new distributor (distribution strategy 2) - This strategy was conducted by the company with a new retailer entering into distribution channels. New dealer can take the experience from a retailer long to figure out ways that never take.
  3. Buy small companies that serve as suppliers for the (3 distribution strategy) - This strategy gives the possibility of the company to purchase or add a new company to market preface it. So the company purchased has specific activities in the field of marketing.
  4. Sales of products in bulk to other companies (Strategy Sale 4) - This distribution strategy is a company selling new products to a large number of other companies, who then distribute it to the end consumer. This alternative has the consequences company profitability is low, yet at the same time the company's level of risk so reduced.
  5. Packaging and product sales through the mail (sales strategy 5) - This distribution strategy undertaken by the company with the sales packaging by post. This strategy needs to be supported by advertising.

The fifth strategy is taken a decision where the most profitable strategy. To determine the choice of strategies can be used a method called the method of weighted values (wright factor score method) and not expounded in systematic way in this paper.

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