Tuesday 3 February 2015

Elements Of Internal Control

Elements Of Internal Control
The implementation of internal control is basically is a system rather than the overall supervision of the implementation, which is based on a formula-formula of internal control can be put forward that the elements of internal control, which implemented as follows:

  1. plans of the Organization
  2. Method and the coordinated provisions to be protect the property of the company.
  3. Personnel.
  4.   Customs (practice).

With respect to the account, then good should be able to meet the things, as follows:

  1. Help facilitate the preparation of financial reports and other reports with economically.
  2. Includes accounts that may be needed to be able to describe well and observant property-property, debt, revenue, cost of goods and the costs should be itemized so useful to management in controlling the company's operations.
  3. Carefully and briefly Outlines what has to be loaded in each account.
  4. Make the control accounts where necessary.

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