Wednesday 9 February 2022

Four-in-one dynamic control of project costs

In the face of the current highly competitive construction market situation, low-cost competition and high-quality management have become the only choice for building construction enterprises to achieve sustainable development. 


How to control the cost of the project through information means, control the risk of project management, and improve the development quality of the enterprise has become the pursuit of every construction enterprise. in recent years, with the continuous development of mobile internet and information technology, industrial group has formulated a new business strategy and development direction, and has higher requirements for information work.


In the process of promoting the informatization construction, the group sorted out each business process. on the basis of process sorting, all business departments have clarified the landing plan of management process informatization. through the sorting and integration of the process, the overall framework of enterprise informatization construction was finally confirmed, and the width and length of the information management process were determined. project management refinement is realized by standardizing project management process and informatization.

In terms of cost control, cost management is the main line of project management of construction enterprises. similarly, in the construction of group's project information system, cost management is the focus, cost pre-control is the key, with the total target cost plan as the starting point, the total cost plan prepares the list of resource requirements, the procurement plan. 


The procurement contract, the subcontract must quote the resource demand list, from the procurement plan to the purchase order and the purchase warehouse, from the procurement warehouse and the procurement contract to form the procurement settlement, and then to the purchase payment, wherein, the procurement plan controls the purchase quantity, and the procurement contract controls the purchase price. in this way, from the total planned cost to the list of resource requirements. 


To the procurement plan, procurement contract, subcontracting contract, and then to the procurement warehousing settlement, subcontracting settlement, to the payment to form a one-way relationship management chain. the implementation of the work of forcing the target cost at the threshold of payment has been realized. it covers the whole process of cost forecasting, cost control, cost accounting and cost analysis, and realizes the dynamic control process of project cost of "plan-contract-settlement-cost-payment".


Four-in-one, that is, to achieve the consistency of contract flow, logistics, capital flow and invoice flow. after the implementation of the vat reform, the fund management implements unified collection and payment, and after the project is collected, it is transferred to the company's account, and the account (virtual account) is transferred to form a payable balance in the account; after the project receives the invoice. 


It enters the invoice management system for invoice registration, checks with the supplier information, and verifies synchronously with the national tax platform, and then verifies with the contract and settlement form in the cost management module, forms subcontract payment, material payment, and then implements payment according to the payment plan. in this way, the cost pre-control is realized as the leader and the capital is the starting point to ensure that the four flows of capital flow, contract flow, logistics and invoice flow are integrated.

In the business management system, it realizes the four-stream integration, and on this basis, deploys the interface between the business system and the financial system, transmits the financial vouchers automatically generated by the business documents in the business system to the financial system, and has the financial system to reverse the joint inspection of business documents through the vouchers, realizes the interconnection and interconnection of the business system and the financial system, and completes the management blueprint of business, finance and tax integration.


Through the construction of informatization, the group has effectively implemented the work of cost pre-control, four-stream integration, and integration of industry, finance and taxation, established an effective firewall for project risk prevention and control, and greatly improved the comprehensive management level of the project.

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